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About the lab

Development of the quantum optical experimental methods led to rapid growth of new communication and information processing technologies. Quantum Optical Technologies lab team works on cutting-edge challenges in quantum cryptography and communication, physics of cold-atom interaction with light, integrated quantum photonics and quantum state engineering and tomography.

The lab comprises several facilities conducting experiments in fiber-optic and aerial quantum communication, holographic atom traps and single atom manipulation, femtosecond laser waveguide writing of complex integrated circuits and quantum state of light precise preparation and testing.

The lab is now a part of the Quantum Technologies Center founded in Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2018.

Recent news

School stundetns internship in Quantum technology centre.

Sctudents from Chelyabinsk school №97 went through a quick course on quantum technologies.

Date: 12 November 2019

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Recent events

Quantum Technology Center seminar #34.

The effect of pump incoherence on the entanglement of photons in parametric down-conversion process

Speaker : S. V. Vintskevich (MIPT)

Date : 30 January 2020 Time : 13:00

Quantum Optical Technology Lab seminar.

Single photon source based on semiconductor quantum dot in a microresonator- review report

Speaker : I. V. Dyakonov

Date : 10 December 2019 Time : 17:30

Quantum Technology Center seminar #33.

Constructing the Wigner quasiprobability distributions of finite-dimensional quantum systems

Speaker : Vahagn Abgaryan

Date : 19 November 2019 Time : 17:30

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Head of the lab

Sergei Kulik

Sergei Kulik


Recent publications

1. Sergey A. Malykhin, Rinat R. Ismagilov, Feruza T. Tuyakova, Ekaterina A. Obraztsova, Pavel V. Fedotov, Anna Ermakova, Petr Siyushev, Konstantin G. Katamadze, Fedor Jelezko, Yury P. Rakovich, Alexander N. Obraztsov. Photoluminescent properties of single crystal diamond microneedles. Optical Materials, 0, 49-55 (2018)

2. K G Katamadze, G V Avosopiants, Yu. I Bogdanov, S P Kulik. How quantum is the “quantum vampire” effect?: testing with thermal light. Optica, 5, 6, 723-726 (2018)

3. G. V. Avosopiants, K. G. Katamadze, Yu. I. Bogdanov, B. I. Bantysh, S. P. Kulik, . Non-Gaussianity of multiple photon-subtracted thermal states in terms of compound-Poisson photon number distribution parameters: theory and experiment. Laser Physics Letters, 15, 7, 075205 (2018)

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Lab movie

How to find us


Moscow, Russian Federation
119991, Leninskie gory 1, bld. 35 and bld. 62